Our mission statement is “to build emotional resilience in children and adults in school settings and in the wider school community by using mindfulness”.

MiSP - the Mindfulness in Schools Project

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Mindful Teaching are the ambassadors for MiSP in the North of England. Mindful Teaching acts as an agent for MiSP but also handles the tailoring of the courses to the requirements of the school’s timetable. We coordinate the programme logistics, course promotion, participant communication, evaluation and monitoring, day to day management and finances. With the Oakdale Centre (CIC) we coordinate the whole school approach to well-being through a wrap around service which includes clinical, therapeutic and other psychological interventions. We also bid for major contracts, take part in research and coordinate and promote understanding and awareness of the issues of children and staff mental health and well-being in schools.

All these courses have been extensively tested and developed and written by and for teachers in a school context. They easily produce PSHE outcomes across a range of measures and they are acceptable to OFSTED. We offer (through MiSP) large group onsite training and/or individual courses and programmes in each of the following courses. More courses are planned in the near future - including Early Years. MiSP has now taught over 4500 people in the UK (the vast majority of which are teachers) and is the leading national provider for evidence based Mindfulness Training in the UK.

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Mindfulness in Schools Project’s vision is that every child possesses the skills to help them manage difficulty and flourish , and an understanding of how and when to use those skills. In 2009 Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) was established as a not-for-profit company by Richard Burnett and Chris Cullen, both school teachers and mindfulness practitioners, in the belief that the young people in their classrooms could benefit from learning mindfulness skills. There were no curricula teaching mindfulness skills available in the UK at that time so MiSP created .b (pronounced ‘dot-b’, which stands for stop and be) for 11-18 year olds. MiSP later worked with Sarah Silverton and Pen Y Bryn School’s Tabitha Sawyer and created Paws b for 7-11 year olds. MiSP’s most recent course is .b Foundations which was written for teachers and school staff. The aim of MiSP is to improve the resilience and well-being of all young people to enhance their school career and to support them throughout life. MiSP remains the leading provider of mindfulness programs for young people in the UK. Eligibility to take part in a MiSP training is (generally) the completion of an 8 week course and a commitment to a regular personal practice for at least six months before starting a course.

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MiSP provides training to adults to teach its mindfulness courses to children and young people in schools. MiSP now has over 2200 teachers trained to Teach .b , 755 to Teach Paws b and 250 to Teach .b Foundations. MiSP has a trusted team of trainers who are experienced mindfulness teachers with extensive knowledge of MiSP’s curricula who deliver the training courses. It is these curricula which are at the heart of MiSP and this is where MiSP invests most of its time and resources. Autumn 2016 will see the launch of new materials including animations for each .b lesson. In 2017 we will launch an app which can be used by anyone and will hopefully encourage the practice of mindfulness in many. We aim to promote the teaching of mindfulness to young people by offering free support, advice and information to schools, teachers, pupils and parents in the UK as well as the highest level of training in MiSP’s curricula. MiSP has a small team who are working hard to ensure MiSP delivers mindfulness in a sustainable and scalable way. In September 2016 MiSP became a charity and is now able to offer a number of free and reduced price places on some MiSP training courses to schools who have above average numbers of pupils receiving Free School Meals.